Is an innovative mobile platform for all sports fans. Here you will find many tools that support you in your sports activities. No matter if you do sports in nature, in the gym, on the sports field or at home: sportORBIT is your perfect companion for every sport.

Sports &goals

Do you have the goal to do more sports for your health? Or do you want to prepare for a competition or a marathon this year? But often it's hard to keep track of your goals and progress.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could observe their effect on your health traits such as weight, resting heart rate, and girth?

We offer you many useful tools to help you stay informed, focused and motivated.

Sports goals


Have you ever thought about keeping a digital record of your sports activities? Think about training at the gym, for example: you're constantly carrying your notes around with you and end up with a mess of notes and no overview of the training sessions you've done.

Don't you often wish you had an evaluation of your sports activities?

With our digital sports book you can document your sports activities. Through various evaluations you are able to adjust your sports activities to achieve your sporting goals.


Sports &planning

Often, exercising gets lost in the stress of everyday life. Only through sustainable scheduling can you stick to your training plan and achieve your athletic goals.

We give you the right tools to strategically plan and manage your sports activities.

Sports & planning

Sports &groups

Isn't it time-consuming to organize your yoga class, dance class or other classes by phone, email or chat apps? Are you tired of searching through messages in the group chat to keep track of acceptances and cancellations?

We offer you the right solution:

Simply create sports groups for joint jogging, cycling, yoga, dancing, etc., add friends and participants, suggest dates and track the additions/cancellations live.

Sports & groups

Sport & teams

Searching through several messages in the team chat or emails to plan the lineup of your team is very time-consuming. It is also complicated by the fact that acceptances and cancellations can change up to the last moment.

In addition, there are many questions that a coach always has to answer: Is today the 4th time one of the parents asks you where the game is taking place? How did the game turn out? Who is on it with washing the jerseys? Have I paid my monthly fee?

You can find the right tools for your team management with us, so you can focus on training and developing your protégés.


Sport & quality

As a coach, do you not manage to give your players regular and timely feedback on their strengths and weaknesses? Aren't the players annoyed that they missed the opportunity to improve as a result?

As a coaching team, do you often have different opinions about a player because there is no consistent template for evaluation? Don't you want to get feedback from your players about your training methods?

We provide you with the appropriate tools to solve such problems. In this way you will ensure a constant increase in the quality of the team or your sports group.



Do you often think about the digitalization of your sports organization? Just creating a website or social media presence is not enough for you?
Are you missing a digital sports portal that supports you in planning training and competition dates or that has a digital booking option for sports courses and sports fields?

We help you enter the digital world with our platform and all that for all your sports.

For us, digitization means that sports organizations are gradually converting their processes to the digital world. Team and quality management, events, newsletters and much more are just a few candidates for this.

You are also welcome to contact us if you need additional support in creating your strategy for digitization.


Sports & family

As a parent, do you often have trouble keeping track of all your child's appointments? Not to mention, if you have several children...
Are you getting timely feedback from the coach on your children's behavior and skills?

As a sportORBIT user, you can add more profiles for your family members to your account at any time. Communication between you and the coaches will be easier than ever.


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